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Hot Off The Press: (11 November 2006) Glick & Phillips at First Nite Harrisonburg again this year! (12/31/2006)

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 Steve Phillips and John Glick

John Glick and Steve Phillips have been entertaining audiences with their mixture of divine duet harmonies and sarcastic song lyrics for over a quarter of a century. Their music is reminiscent of the great Homer & Jethro with a bit of political satire and social commentary added for spice.

Best friends, brothers-in –law, and partners in the practice of healing laughter, they have performed in folk festivals, on radio, in cafes, and on stage. They have tickled the fancy of the Virginia State Animal Control Officers as well as knocked them dead at the Shenandoah Valley Funeral Directors annual Ladies’ Night.

Phillips & Glick Glick & Phillips are best known locally for their annual appearance at Harrisonburg’s New Year’s "First Nite" celebration. Fans look forward to hearing on what new toes the duo will tread as they unveil their latest original work or parody roasting whichever public figure has caught their eye recently. No stone is unturned as they consider themselves equal opportunity offenders.

"They have the bite of an asp"Cleopatra

"Two left thumbs"Iskel and Seibert

"Most fun since the burning of Rome!"Nero

"Depending on what your definition of ‘is’ is, they is not bad"

The (former) president formerly known as Bill